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Sensual fragrance experience

We provide services for a few exclusive clients that need private support for their perfumery endeavours.

To give you an idea of what we may be able to do for you these are a small selection of the most frequently requested services. Custom creation of perfumes, signature scents, aromatherapy and spa products, corporate training courses, consultancy, production trouble-shooting and GCMS analysis. Drop us a line via the Contact link (above) to discuss your vision and to find out how we can work together.

Professional Account Package

For business users to get the support you need for your business. Lock in our best services, customized for you and save money.

  • Private Team Access by WhatsApp
  • Free Private project support
  • 20% discount on ALL Perfumers World website orders
  • 20% discount on online studying – ALL courses (*Kits & Materials 20% discount)
  • Bonus content including a GCMS analysis of a current perfume
  • The Perfumer’s Wizard Online Professional Account with Image Mind Map processing
  • 90,000+ pre-loaded perfume descriptions
  • Exclusive Bulk Price catalog access
  • Free shipping worldwide (Unlimited shipments $100 min, 1 shipment/month – No minimum.)
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Custom Signature Perfume Creation

Get a professional perfumer to develop your unique signature fragrance, natural perfume or aromatherapy/spa product.

It’s FREE for the creative work but we do ask you to complete a questionnaire and make a $600.00 deposit/fragrance to show your commitment. We charge from the deposit $10-$20/sample ($20 for all natural blends) and $300-600 for analysis if required for matching. Any balance upon completion may be used towards the purchase of the completed perfume or towards other purchases, products or courses etc. It is not refundable and work must be completed within 3 months.

This service ensures that the fragrance created for you is exclusively yours for you or your projects. Note the formulation is not supplied but if you require this then we can offer this service under our Consultant Perfumer Service which is considerably more expensive.

Fragrance Laboratory Analysis

The Perfumer's Studio

Ever wanted to work in a perfumery or wanted access to a perfumer’s laboratory to work on your own private projects but didn’t know where or how to get started?

Then booking time at “The Perfumer’s Studio” @ PerfumersWorld may just be the thing you have been looking for.

Concept of natural perfume on wooden table

GCMS Analysis with Interpretion

The service uses the latest technology, equipment and algorithms run by some of the best chemists in the field. On first run one can usually identify most constituents(peaks) of 90-98% of the formula down to about 0.1%. As with all analytical services the results do differ from sample to sample and some may contain unreleased captives (in-house chemicals) that are not yet in the database, which may appear as unknown peaks.

We supply the GCMS chromatogram which shows the GC trace and peaks identified with the top match. Each peak on the chromatogram represents an aroma chemical which may be synthetic or from a constituent natural essential oil.


Consultant Perfumer Service

Some clients require more than just training and for them a fuller consultancy service may be more appropriate.

The scope of the consultancy service we offer usually provides advice, guidance,training and troubleshooting in all areas of perfumery and aromatherapy product development.

We only offer a formulation service if we are employed as regular Consultant Perfumers.

Smelling Fragrance on Perfume Test Paper in the Lab.

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